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Welcome, Magnum Switchgear offers you low-voltage switchgear.

Welcome, Magnum Switchgear offers you low-voltage switchgear. We focus on providing you Motor Control Panels and starters for domestic and agricultural use, we are Control Gear Manufacturer from India. The product range is focused on.

You can as well source from us powerful components and assemblies that we use in the above starters and panels. Some of them are Contactors, Relays, Preventor, Auto Start units, Coils, E-Core, Spare Kits etc.

Our passion for what we do transfers into
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Our Team

Vikas Kataria

A full-time Promoter and Director of Magnum Switchgear with B.Sc., and M.Sc., background and Short stints in SAP and IBM.

Hitesh A Kataria

Heading Sales & Finance at Magnum Switchgear with Master of Business Administration background.