Three Phase DOL Submersible Pump Outdoor Panel

Product Description:
Magnum Three Phase Pump Control Panel OUTDOOR PANEL is a powerful controlling device for your submersible pump made with heavy duty components, it protects your pump from hazards caused due to over-current and voltage.

Salient Features:

Powder coated MS enclosure for corrosion resistance & sturdiness.
Rugged MaU/ MaK-1 Contactor with wide voltage band (220-440V).
Fitted with MaU/ MaK-1 type relay for reliable overload protection.
Indication lamps for motor running & voltage between the phases.
Fitted with earthing screw fo safety measure.
Easy to quick mounting.
Fitted with Toroidal preventer & auto start unit which is used to switch on three phase motor/pump automatically & to protect them against wrong phase sequence & single phasing with dry run protection.
Fitted KIT KAT type Fuse to protect the motor against Short Circuit Protection.
No screw protruding from the Panel back. Hence additional safety from water, dust, corrosion and electric shock.

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