Over Load Relay – MaU Series

Magnum Over Load Relay is an electrically operated switch which uses electromagnet which is used for switching purpose and protects the motor from any hazards. The relay will operate generally to close or open electrical contacts to initiate some further operation.

MaU Relays – Large sized and heavy duty overload relays. Best suitable for higher rating applications.


Salient Features

  • Bakelite molded enclosure, for higher heat resistance.
  • Precision assembled components.
  • Trip tested on each phase.
  • Heavier contacts.


Voltage Type AC
Relay Type Thermal Relay, Overload Relay
Number of Poles 3 Pole
Application Overload Protection for motors and pumps
Phase Three phase
Current upto 63A
Brand Magnum


  • Relays are used for protection of electric motors and also any three phase application