Three Phase Star Delta Control Panel

MAGNUM MaU STAR-DELTA CONTROL PANEL is a powerful switching & controlling device for motors wherein primary requirement is to start the motor at reduced voltage in comparison to DOL method of starting. Thereby reducing disturbances on the electrical supply. It incorporates protection against single phasing, phase reversal and provides auto-restart facility.

Salient Features

  • MaU Star Delta Control Panel for higher horse power applications
  • Robust MaU Contactors and MAU O.L Relays combination for optimum performance
  • SZ5 Preventor for Single Phasing.
  • Built in auto start
  • Separate device for star to delta timer – thereby easy maintenance
  • Strong built powder coated MS enclosure
  • Digital metering
  • Industrial grade wiring and luggs crimped to wire ends for safety and convenience.


Phase Three Phase
Usage Controls for Motor and Submersible Pump
Power upto 20 H.P
Capacity up to 42A
Brand Magnum
Surface Finish Powder Coated


MAGNUM MaU Star-Delta Control Panels are powerful switching & controlling devices which are used for agricultural and industrial installations. These are found in applications such as,

· Three Phase Pumps
· Big Electric Motors
· Induction Motors

Semi & Fully Automatic Star Delta Starters


Data Sheet

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